Let Customers Pay by Text In Just 2 Taps

Nov 08, 202310 mins read

Simplify billing and get paid faster with InvoPoint's all-in-one invoicing software. Create, send, and track professional invoices in minutes. Let clients pay via text with two taps.

Let Customers Pay by Text In Just 2 Taps



Getting paid shouldn't be a hassle. But for many SMBs, collecting payments is a frustrating mix of chasing down checks, fielding calls to update expired cards, and scrambling to keep proper books. There's a better way.

With InvoPoint, you can go from invoice creation to paid in just 2 taps. Our seamless invoicing software simplifies billing so you can get back to business.

Say Goodbye to Spreadsheets

Most SMBs start out invoicing clients with Excel or other basic spreadsheets. But juggling multiple spreadsheet invoicing files gets messy fast:

  • Copying/pasting data leads to errors
  • Formulas break easily
  • Difficult to customize invoice templates
  • Impossible to track status

InvoPoint provides a central platform for managing all your invoices. Everything from creating, sending, and tracking is handled in one place. Streamline your workflow with features like:

  • Modern, professional invoice templates
  • Accept payments via text, PayPal, credit card, ACH, and more
  • Automatically follow up on past due invoices
  • Sync with popular accounting software
  • Detailed reporting on payments received

Create Invoices in Minutes

With most invoicing software, creating a professional-looking invoice takes ages. You have to manually enter line items, fuss with formatting, and customize from scratch.

But InvoPoint simplifies the process with flexible invoice templates and powerful features like:

  • Recurring invoices - Schedule monthly/weekly invoices in advance
  • Multi-currency - Bill clients in their preferred currency
  • Item library - Reuse billing items across invoices
  • Tax rates - Set location-based sales taxes
  • Discount codes - Create and apply custom promo codes

In just minutes, you can whip up a polished, professional invoice tailored to each client.

Get Paid Faster with Text Payments

Chasing clients for payments is a huge timesuck. InvoPoint helps you get paid faster by letting clients pay their invoice via text message.

Here's how text payments work:

  1. Client receives invoice via email
  2. Invoice contains personalized link for fast payment by text
  3. Client texts keyword (like PAYNOW) to InvoPoint payment number
  4. Payment is processed instantly from client's phone bill

With two taps on their smartphone, clients can settle their invoice on the spot. No checks, no cards, no hassle.

Manage Everything from One Dashboard

Most invoicing software niches itself as "software for invoicing". But InvoPoint is a true end-to-end platform with robust client management and detailed analytics.

The central dashboard gives you an eagle eye view of:

  • Total invoices sent/paid
  • Upcoming recurring invoices
  • Top paying customers
  • Recent payments received

Easily toggle between data sets or export to Excel for further number crunching. With a few clicks, you gain powerful insights to optimize your billing strategy.

Get Elegant Invoices in Minutes

InvoPoint combines ease of use with flexibility to create a invoicing software loved by SMBs. Simplify billing and get paid faster by signing up for a free trial today.

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