Create Estimates First, Invoice Later Workflows

Nov 06, 202314 mins read

Streamline billing with Invopoint's estimate and invoice software. Send professional estimates, track approvals, and convert estimates to invoices with one click.

Create Estimates First, Invoice Later Workflows



As a business owner, you know how important it is to have a streamlined invoicing process. But before sending that final bill, it's best practice to start with an estimate first. Estimating sets client expectations, gets approval on costs upfront, and reduces confusion down the line.

However, managing estimates and invoices across separate systems can quickly become a juggling act. The solution? Choose invoicing software that allows you to create estimates first and convert them to invoices with ease. Here's an inside look at those benefits.

Why Send Estimates Before Invoices?

Sending an estimate serves many purposes:

  • It allows you to provide upfront cost expectations before doing any work.
  • The client can review and approve the estimate, acting as a work order.
  • You avoid surprise costs at billing time - everything is clearly laid out ahead.
  • Estimates reduce confusion and disputes over the final invoice.

Overall, estimates set the stage for a smooth billing process. The client knows what to expect, and you send an invoice that matches the approved estimate.

Challenges of Separate Systems

While estimates provide many benefits, managing them can be a challenge:

  • Estimates and invoices stored in separate systems lead to duplication of work.
  • Excel invoicing makes it hard to track status and pull insights.
  • There's no connection between estimates and invoices, creating room for error.
  • You lose time constantly switching between platforms.

As a result, many businesses end up creating estimates in spreadsheets but then must build invoices from scratch. This defeats the purpose of creating estimates for efficiency.

Combine Estimates + Invoices in One Solution

The best way to streamline billing with estimates is to use invoicing software that allows you to:

  • Easily build professional estimates with custom branding
  • Send estimates for instant client review and electronic approval
  • Track estimate status from creation through client approval
  • Convert approved estimates to invoices with one click
  • Sync estimate and invoice details to eliminate redundant data entry

This type of seamless integration between estimates and invoices saves massive time and headaches. The details don't fall through the cracks between systems.

Key Features to Look For

As you evaluate invoicing software for managing estimates, look for these key features:

  • Estimate templates - Professionally designed templates make it easy to create polished estimates fast. You should be able to customize colors, logos, fields and more.
  • Item/project management - Easily create reusable items or project templates for estimates. This saves time on data entry.
  • Tax rates and calculations - Support for automatically applying the right tax rates on estimates based on project, client, or business location.
  • Discount options - Options like percentage or fixed amount discounts at the line item or estimate level.
  • Electronic approval - Clients can approve estimates right from their email for a fully digital workflow.
  • Estimate conversion - The ability to convert any approved estimate to an invoice with one click, keeping all details in sync.
  • Status tracking - See estimate status like Draft, Sent, Viewed, Approved right from the estimates page.

Simplify Your Workflows with Invopoint

Stop the busywork of juggling spreadsheets, documents, and systems to manage your billing. Invopoint brings estimating and invoicing together on one powerful platform designed for SMBs.

Key benefits include:

  • Visually build estimates from 50+ templates
  • Easily duplicate past estimates or connect with established catalog/price list
  • Set up recurring estimates for retainer clients
  • Get instant online approvals from clients
  • Convert estimates to invoices with a single click
  • Accept credit cards, ACH payments, PayPal, and more
  • Auto bill retainer clients on schedule
  • Built-in reports on estimates vs. invoices

Ditch the invoice templates and fragmented workflows. Invoicing software from Invopoint brings estimates and billing together in one place to help you get paid faster with less work.

Visit to learn more and get started with a free trial!

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