Improve Your Business Credit with On-Time Invoicing

Oct 17, 202317 mins read

Improve cash flow and build business credit with Invopoint - the all-in-one invoicing and payment platform for SMBs. Send customized invoices, automate reminders, accept online payments, and strengthen business relationships.

Running a small or medium-sized business comes with many financial responsibilities, including managing accounts receivable. Getting paid on time is critical for maintaining positive cash flow and establishing good business credit. But juggling invoices across multiple platforms can lead to confusion, missed payments, and damage to your reputation.



That's why using an integrated billing and payments solution like Invopoint can streamline your invoicing process and improve your business credit profile. Designed for SMBs in the US and Europe, Invopoint lets you craft professional invoices, track payments, and collect outstanding balances - all from one convenient dashboard.

Benefits of On-Time Invoicing for Business Credit

Small delays in receiving payments can quickly snowball into major cash flow problems and hurt your business credit standing. Using Invopoint to send invoices and collect payments promptly can provide the following advantages:

  • Boosts cash flow - Get paid faster with automated payment reminders and online payment options.
  • Strengthens relationships - On-time billing shows you respect your customers and value their business.
  • Prevents late fees - Invoice due dates and reminders help customers pay on time and avoid penalties.
  • Improves credit rating - Consistent, on-time payments reflect positively on your business credit profile.
  • Increases financing options - Good credit makes it easier to secure business loans and lines of credit.

Key Features of Invopoint

Here are some of the key features SMBs can leverage to improve invoicing workflows:

Easy Invoice Creation

Quickly build professional, customized invoices with Invopoint's intuitive interface and abundant template options. Easily add your logo, colors, and formatting.

Recurring Invoices

Set up recurring invoices for regular services and subscriptions. Automatically send invoices on the schedule you define.

Payment Reminders

Ensure on-time payments with automated email and SMS reminders when invoices are due. Customers can pay online with just one click.


Monitor all your key accounts receivable metrics in one place. The dashboard shows you outstanding invoices, upcoming payments, and receivables aging.

Invoice Tracking

Easily track the status of every invoice. See when customers view and pay invoices. Identify late payments quickly.

Payment Processing

Get paid instantly with integrated payment processing. Accept credit cards, PayPal, ACH bank payments, and more. Payment details are securely stored.

Accounts Receivable Reports

Gain insights into your invoicing efficiency with AR reports. Analyze customer payment history, receivables aging, uncollected invoices, and more.

Why Choose Invopoint?

Sending timely invoices is crucial for small business finances and creditworthiness. But many SMBs still rely on spreadsheets, paper invoices, or disparate systems to manage billing. Invopoint integrates everything into one simple platform:

  • Invoicing - Craft customized invoices with no limits on the number of customers or invoices.
  • Payments - Accept credit cards, ACH, PayPal, and other payment types directly through the platform.
  • Recurring Billing - Schedule repeating invoices for subscriptions and memberships.
  • Reminders - Ensure on-time payments with automated invoice reminders.
  • Reporting - Gain insights into collections, receivables aging, and customer payment history.

Going beyond accounting software, Invopoint provides SMBs with convenient tools to run billing operations smoothly, maintain positive business credit, and get paid on time.

How Invopoint Supports Business Credit Building

Managing business credit starts with effectively handling day-to-day billing and payments. Here are some key ways Invopoint helps SMBs establish strong business credit profiles:

On-Time Invoicing

Set payment due dates and use automatic reminders to invoice consistently and collect on time. This builds a reliable payment history.

Accurate Late Payment Tracking

Clearly identify late and missed payments. This helps focus collection efforts and minimize long-outstanding receivables that can diminish creditworthiness.

Improved Cash Flow Visibility

With real-time cash flow insights and projections, businesses can better manage income and expenses to meet credit obligations.

Enhanced Financing Options

Good business credit makes it easier to secure financing like business credit cards, lines of credit, and loans with favorable rates - enabling growth.

Reduced Credit Risk Profile

On-time customer payments lower perceived credit risk, allowing suppliers to extend better business-to-business credit terms.

Get Paid Faster with Invopoint

Don't let invoicing headaches slow down payments and hurt your business credit. Sign up for Invopoint today to streamline billing, improve cash flow, build lasting business relationships, and access credit when you need it.

The simple, affordable pricing won't drain your resources. And amazing customer support is available to help you customize Invopoint for your unique workflow. Sign up for a free trial to experience the benefits!

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