How Invopoint Helps You Scale Your B2B Invoicing as You Grow

Oct 27, 202314 mins read

Simplify your business invoicing & get paid faster with Invopoint. Our all-in-one platform helps you create, send, & track invoices and online payments seamlessly. Sign up for a free trial today!


As a small or medium business owner, you wear many hats. Your time is limited, yet the list of daily tasks seems endless. Juggling bookkeeping and invoicing software needs on top of your core operations can become overwhelming fast.

Yet prompt and professional invoicing is crucial for maintaining cash flow and relationships with clients. Dropped balls in this area result in delayed payments, accounting headaches, and dissatisfied customers.

Expanding your client base or number of projects exacerbates these challenges. More customers and transactions mean more invoices to create, track, and collect on. And piecing together disjointed systems like Excel invoicing and spreadsheet invoicing templates becomes extremely inefficient.

That's where Invopoint comes in. Our B2B invoicing software consolidates all the tools you need in one centralized platform. Read on to see how we make invoicing and payments easy, automated, and scalable.

Simplified Invoice Creation

Invopoint lets you quickly generate professional invoices branded to your business. Our flexible invoice templates allow extensive customization of language, logo, colors, and layout.

Built-in customization tools streamline creation of recurring invoices for ongoing services and subscriptions. Batch invoicing for multiple customers or projects saves even more time.

Robust integrations with popular accounting software eliminate duplicate data entry. And multi-currency support accommodates international clients and operations.

Seamless Invoice Delivery & Tracking

Once your invoices are generated, our automated system delivers them directly to customers via email or post. Real-time tracking provides status updates on sending, delivery, and read receipts.

Customers access and pay invoices online through self-service portals. That means no more printed invoices getting lost in the mail or payments delivered to the wrong address.

Payment reminders are automated based on your terms and schedule. Overdue notifications escalate based on aging to maintain cash flow. And A/R aging reports provide real-time visibility into unpaid and outstanding invoices.

Secure Online Payments

Growing businesses need the ability to accept payments digitally. Invopoint seamlessly facilitates online payments from customers via credit card, PayPal, and ACH.

Omnichannel support means customers can pay invoices from anywhere - mobile, desktop, phone, etc. Branded self-service portals provide a professional front-end to drive adoption.

Robust security and compliance measures safeguard transactions and data. And payments are deposited directly into your designated business bank account.

Automated Accounting Integrations

Maintaining your books is a vital yet time-consuming task. Invopoint integrates with popular small business accounting platforms like QuickBooks and Xero to eliminate duplicate work.

Key data syncs automatically across systems, including customers, invoices, payments, taxes, expenses, accounts, and more. Your financial data remains updated without manual exporting or importing.

Custom reporting and analytics provide insights across sales, profits, cash flow, sales tax, etc. And accountants and bookkeepers access a centralized system for the clients they manage.

Scalable and Flexible Pricing

Invopoint's pricing plans are designed for lean SMBs. Month-to-month contracts provide flexibility. And volume-based pricing enables seamless scaling as your business grows.

The basic plan starts at just $15/month including 10 free invoices. Additional invoices are only $1 each. And unlimited invoices with all features is available for $99/month.

Qualified nonprofits also receive 50% off plus 10 free invoices per month. Contact our billing team for details on nonprofit pricing.

Simplify Your Invoicing. Accelerate Your Cash Flow.

Invoicing and payments don't have to be a frustrating distraction. Invopoint consolidates all the tools SMBs need into one modern platform.

Streamline invoice creation, get paid faster online, integrate accounting, and scale smoothly as you grow. Sign up today for a free trial to experience invoicing at its best.

Take control of your invoicing with Invopoint.

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