How Invoice Automation Software Increases Cash Flow for SMBs in the US and Europe

Oct 12, 202325 mins read

Comprehensive guide on how cloud-based invoice automation software eliminates manual processes to help SMBs in the US and Europe streamline billing workflows, accelerate payments, reduce DSO, optimize cash flow, and spend more time growing their business.

How Invoice Automation Software Boosts Cash Flow for SMBs

Delayed and late payments are the bane of many small and medium businesses. Juggling manual invoicing, tracking, reminders, and accounting reconciliation eats up time and impacts cash flow. Cloud-based invoice automation solutions like InvoPoint streamline the entire invoice-to-payment process to accelerate receivables and optimize working capital.



Read on to learn how invoicing software helps businesses in the US and Europe improve cash flow, reduce DSO, and spend more time on revenue-generating tasks.

Create Professional Invoices in Seconds

Quickly creating accurate, polished invoices is key to getting paid on time. However, designing invoices from scratch in spreadsheets or Word is tedious and error-prone.

InvoPoint's intuitive templates allow you to generate branded invoices in seconds. Logo, text, tables, and formulas are set up once. Client details, item descriptions, quantities and amounts populate automatically with each new invoice. The platform does the layout grunt work so you can create invoices fast.

Schedule Recurring Invoices

Many businesses rely on recurring billing for subscriptions, retainers, monthly services etc. With InvoPoint, easily set up repeating invoices that automatically go out on any schedule you choose.

Configure recurring invoices once for clients that regularly purchase the same items/services. The system handles sending each subsequent invoice based on the pre-set frequency and specifications. Easily customize recurring invoices as needed while base invoices continue to send automatically.

Get Paid Faster with Online Payments

Waiting 30 days or longer for checks to arrive in the mail severely slows cash flow. InvoPoint enables clients to pay invoices immediately online, accelerating payment by 70%.

Built-in credit card and ACH processing lets you collect invoice balances instantly. No need to work with a third-party payment gateway. Online payments powered by InvoPoint reduce friction so you get paid in days rather than weeks or months.

Automate Payment Reminders

Manually tracking open invoices and sending late payment reminders takes effort. InvoPoint eliminates this hassle by automatically sending reminders when invoices become overdue.

Configure the number of days past due that you want the platform to start sending friendly but firm notices via the client's preferred contact method. Late notices go out on autopilot based on your specifications, reducing DSO and freeing up your time.

Offer Early Payment Discounts

Businesses waiting 30, 60 or 90 days for invoice settlement are losing out on significant working capital in the interim. InvoPoint lets you incentivize early payment by offering discounts to clients who pay invoices ahead of contracted due dates.

The software makes it easy to configure discounts for invoices paid within 7, 14 or any number of days you specify. Discounts are automatically calculated based on the number of days remaining before the official due date. Even a 2-5% discount can motivate prompt payment from many customers.

Get Notified Instantly of Payments

Logging in constantly to check for new bank deposits or waiting for checks to clear creates uncertainty. InvoPoint immediately notifies you when any payment is received so you can proactively update records and maintain accurate cash flow visibility.

Opt to receive payment notifications via email, text or directly in the platform dashboard. You eliminate payment ambiguity and know right away when fresh funds hit your account.

Accept International Payments Seamlessly

Expanding globally introduces foreign transaction fees, exchange rate fluctuations and other cross-border complexities that can eat into margins. InvoPoint enables you to invoice international clients in their local currency and accept payment in that currency as well.

Built-in support for 150+ global currencies and country-specific payment methods makes international commerce painless. There are no hidden foreign transaction costs. You receive payment in full in your currency of choice and can easily track exchange rates over time.

Integrate Accounting Systems

Manually transferring invoice data between systems is an error-prone process. InvoPoint seamlessly integrates with popular SMB accounting platforms like QuickBooks Online and Xero to sync invoice and payment details automatically.

Key information like customer details, product/service descriptions, quantities and amounts flow seamlessly between InvoPoint and your accounting system so you maintain updated financial records in real time. Data flows freely between platforms without spreadsheets, double entry or manual integration.

Access Robust Analytics and Reporting

Making smart financial decisions requires clear visibility into meaningful performance metrics. InvoPoint unlocks actionable business insights with interactive visualizations of invoicing KPIs.

Built-in dashboards allow you to view data sliced by multiple parameters over any date range. Analyze metrics like invoices sent, payments received, average time to pay, discounts offered, failed payments and more to optimize cash flow. Export or schedule reports for added convenience.

Go Mobile for 24/7 Access

Running a business doesn't stop at 5pm. With InvoPoint's iOS and Android apps, you can manage invoices and payments on-the-go from anywhere.

Quickly create, view, edit and share invoices via mobile. Securely accept credit card payments through the app to receive funds instantly. Receive push notifications for payments and other activity. Check key metrics and customize workflows in just a few taps.

Prioritize Data Security

Invoicing platforms contain extremely sensitive customer and payment information. InvoPoint leverages enterprise-grade security safeguards like 256-bit SSL encryption, role-based access controls and world-class data centers to keep your data protected.

Robust cybersecurity measures prevent unauthorized internal or external access while facilitating regulatory compliance. Regular third-party audits validate security protocols so you can ensure transparency and accountability at all times.

Dedicated Customer Support

Running into platform issues that block your team's productivity can quickly lead to delayed payments and scrambled accounting. InvoPoint provides US and Europe-based live chat, email and phone support to keep your invoicing on track 24/7.

Friendly reps in your time zone help diagnose problems and provide both technical and general billing guidance to minimize business disruption. Subject matter experts answer questions, troubleshoot errors and give your business the attention it deserves.

The Right Plan for Every Business

InvoPoint's pricing tiers are designed for lean startups and large enterprises alike. Choose the plan with the combination of features, users, invoices and integrations that best aligns with your needs and budget.

Easily scale up or down as your business evolves. Take advantage of volume discounts as your invoicing activity grows over time. With InvoPoint's transparent pricing, you only pay for the capabilities your company truly requires.

InvoPoint: Your All-In-One Invoicing Solution

Why juggle multiple tools when InvoPoint can do it all? Designed for SMBs in the US and Europe, our platform is your all-in-one solution to craft, send, and track invoices seamlessly. Experience smooth online payments and put the focus back on growing your business.

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